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We understand that with increasing popularity of the solar power for organizations and commercial businesses, it would be quite advantageous for all the business owners to see at the advantages of a brand new solar system. If you’re business owner or decision maker at your workplace, chances are that you’ve handled measuring the advantages and disadvantages of different investments. Investment in solar energy is not different and is also a smart investment for any organization or business looking to save wealth and increase their profits margin.
Energy prices are expected to rise. Choosing to have solar systems installed by us on your workplace means that you are choosing to decrease or even remove your increasing electrical bills altogether. Speaking historically, utility rates are on the rise always so now is right time to make a switch.
-Businesses And Not-For-Profits
-Boost your profitability
-Boost your property value and equity
-Increase your bottom lines by decreasing operating expenses
-With zero out of pockets expenses, get a long run guaranteed return
-Reduce your carbon footprints and set the correct example for your own community
-Now is Right Time for The Commercial Solar
In 21st century, commercial solar system for your own business is a precious investment in today as well as for future. Our crew offers solar systems intended for your roofs, vacant land and/or parking lot. We begin with a complete assessment of your building and property. We determine your power usage and needs. From conceptualization and designing of your solar systems; to permitting and installations; we are your top source for the commercial solar systems. We assist you through the whole process and right from first day, you and your company begin to save your money. WE ASSURE IT!

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We provide all types of solar services at any commercial area with most affordable rates. So call us and get best solar services. We also maintain quality of system. So you don't have to worry about quality of service.

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Use the Power You Create and Sell it
The sunlight we receive converted to solar energy annually, will lower and can eliminate your electric bills substantially. You lock in low rates and avoid future rate rise. When your system generates more power than you require, you can then sell it, at cost you establish, via a new plan called Community DG Solar. It’s designed for Building Owners, Business Owners, Project Developers, Not-For-Profits, ESCOs, and more.
Programs, Incentives, and Costs
The NFP owners and business owners investing into solar get some rewards from the Incentive Program and money-saving solar incentives programs which include:
-Lock in lower rates
-Utility cash incentive
-Cash incentive
-Potentially reduce your electric bills completely
-Federal tax credits of 30 Percent
-Power Purchase Agreement
-Federal accelerated depreciations
-No sales tax
-Operating Leases
Solar power is not just one among the greenest methods to power your business or NFP; solar also is one among the most cost-efficient in the long and short term. A major difference setting us apart, from the competitors, is that we set up an advantageous relationship with you. Moreover, we strive hard to do all that assists you. For the starters, we explain, the differences between owning and leasing your solar systems. Having full control of your own solar system means you’ll have potential to reduce your electric bills completely instead of merely replacing the existing energy bill with another bill.